DIY Enamel Dots Tutorial

I wanted to try making my own enamel dots; here is how I did it.

DIY Enamel Dot Glue_Kesti


1. I dropped little puddles of Glossy Accents on waxed paper. Glossy Accents is a dimensional adhesive, so I hoped that it would keep a domed appearance. It did! I noticed on the bigger drops that a few of them had a little tiny dimple in the center. So, I only ended up using the medium and small dots. Try different sizes for yourself! (Let dry overnight).

DIY Enamel Dot Paint_Kesti


2. Paint the dots with nail polish. I personally do not wear nail polish, so I was flying blind here. I picked up three colors from the dollar store. Ha, ha. I am guessing that more expensive polish would work even better. The cheap stuff certainly worked, it puddled well on the dots and dried pretty quickly. I liked the bright colors. Fun to do! (And yes, I dropped too much polish on some, but found that I could trim them a bit when they were dry.)

DIY Enamel Dot_Kesti


3. Adhere them to your card! I used a tiny dot of white glue to attach them. Worked perfectly. They are shiny and cute. The best part? You can make like a million of them for just a few bucks. Would be perfect for when you need multiples of a certain color.

Give it a try, I think you will have fun. Just be patient and they will turn out!

Happy Crafting!


24 thoughts on “DIY Enamel Dots Tutorial

  1. Brilliant idea. I love the look of enamel dots but never have bought them. Now I can make my own – in the perfect colours that I need. Thankyou!

  2. Thanks for sharing this awesome tip/tutorial. Gives me a reason to buy some fun colours of nail polish, too (which I only wear on my toes in the summer).

  3. wonderful idea. I tried making some with just nail polish but did not work. I will have to try with the glossy accents. Thanks for the idea.

  4. Great idea! I’ve tried just plain nail polish before but they ended up drying too flat. I can’t wait to try the glossy accents. Thanks!

  5. What a fun idea!! I have a bottle of Glossy Accents that I hardly ever use-guess now it will be put to work!! Only wish my daughter still lived here-she has the best selection of nail polish colors-guess a trip to the dollar store is on the schedule!!

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