bubblegum necklaces

We have been busy planning and preparing for our first ever Fall Boutique for a church fundraiser. We normally have this type of sale at our annual Winter Services, held in February. But, this year we had the idea to throw together some fun items for a November sale.

In the meantime, I wanted to share a few of the bubblegum necklaces we made.



Bubblegum just refers to the approximate size of the acrylic beads. They are cute and chunky. These are all sized perfectly for a 4-7 year old. We sell them for $21 including shipping (so if anyone online is interested, just leave me a comment).

meghan and ello


And here is a photo of my oldest and youngest! Eloise loves her peas and carrots necklace.

Thanks for taking a peek! Have a colorful weekend!


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