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I have worked for Paper Crafts and Scrapbooking magazine since 2006. It is going to be really really different without them as part of my daily life. From creating projects to writing blog posts, chatting on Facebook, exchanging emails, it will be be strange moving forward.

But, it is not all about me, it is really a community that will be gone. A great group of paper crafting folks who really had fun together. Editors, contributors, even advertisers. I know we will each find our new niche and life will go on, but it is worth reflecting on and saying goodbye, for sure. The editors in particular: Jennifer leading the pack, Kerri keeping us organized, P. Kelly rooting for the underdog, quiet but feisty Holly, Brandy who always had a kind word, Jennafer M. who first invited me to Ed Board, Stacy who has always had my back, Susan who never thought there was anything I could not do and most of all Cath, my partner in crime, trend watching and the one who first singled me out and has never left me out since. (Now, I am gonna cry).

My Kind of Guy_Kesti

Now that is off my chest, I am going to share a few of my favorite cards that either have been published, or were on the schedule to appear in the magazine. They are pretty much all Kesti style (as the editors would call it).


Gold and a little collage thrown in for fun. (Love this background from Neat and Tangled).

Starry Night


My last Moxie Fab, and one of my favorites.

March Sparks_Kesti

A direct ink to paper experiment. Love the yellow!


And, a blast from the past, one of my favorites of all time.

Thanks for taking a peek! All of the Go to Gals are posting today with some favorite projects, memories and more. (Links in my sidebar). Take a look and leave a comment, too. We love sharing our passion with you. Stick around, please!





6 thoughts on “paper crafts magazine goodbye

  1. Great post! Including some seriously awesome projects:) PC&S will be sorely missed in my world too–especially thinking of the fabulous people there! :(

  2. What can I say??? Sigh. Seriously – WHAT can I even say? It’s been a treat, an honor, and a total blast to work with you, Kimmers!!! I kinda like you, a way LOT. :)

  3. YOU are one amazing woman! I am sooooo glad that I got to know the amazing Kim Kesti! What a privilege!!! Thanks for all the fun, the talks, the room and name sharing! Kims really are the bestest! :)
    Love you!!

  4. Your feature over PC and S will be sorely missed, Kim! It’s so hard to say good bye…but please know that your inspiration and insights in card-making are much admired and appreciated! HUGS!

  5. Your cards are fabulous, as always. I am just sad about PC. It has been my go-to publication for many years. I will miss it a lot. Fortunately, I still have a lot of blogs, including yours, to check in on. Thanks for all the lovely work you have put into PC and I’ll look forward to what you share in the future.

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